When we first opened our doors, our slogan was: "Wet eyes, bent knees, broken hearts and childlike faith." That really was who we were and still are. Others in our area called us "the crying church", which we are as well. None of us is a stranger to tears, heart-break or the healing-ness of tears flowing from being touched by God.

Most recently it has been said of us; "Like no church I've ever been to". Again true. We are not a typical church. We did not set out to try to be different; we are all different individuals and have ended up being a different church. We are not for everyone, we understand that. We may even be an acquired taste. So come and check us out and have a coffee! We'd love to meet you!

*At this time we do not offer Sunday School for children.

Meeting Times:

Church @ 7:00pm

Oasis Christian Centre
219 Queen Street
Sherbrooke, Quebec
J1M 1K4

Discussion @ 7:00pm

3907 Rte 147 Waterville

Prayer Meeting @ 7:00pm

3907 Rte 147 Waterville

Men's Breakfast:

1st Saturday of the month
8:30 a.m.
at the Pizzaville Restaurant, Lennoxville